Dongfeng 6-drive off-road oil tanker

ExcerptEngine: Cummins 185
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Dongfeng 6-drive off-road oil tanker

Dongfeng 6-drive off-road oil tanker - 10000 liters to 15000 liters

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Dongfeng six-drive off-road oil / fuel tanker truck

product name:

DFS5160TSML tank truck

Dimensions (mm):

7760,7825 × 2500 × 2845,2925 (mm)

Product number:




Chassis model:


Volume (cubic):

8 party

Total mass: (kg)

16050 (kg)

Approach/departure angle (°)

35/30,38/30 (°)

Rated mass: (kg)

7900 (kg)

Front suspension/rear suspension (mm):

1385/1625,1450/1625 (mm)

Curb weight: (kg)

7955 (kg)

Maximum speed (km/h):

95 (km/h)

Axle load:


Chassis parameters

Chassis model:


Number of axes:


Wheelbase (mm):

3500+1250 (mm)

Front track (mm):

1916 (mm)

Front passenger:


Rear track (mm):

1876/1876 (mm)

Number of tires:


Number of springs:


Tire specifications:



1. Engine net power: YC6J180-42 is 128kW, ISDe185 40 is 130.2kW; 2. The same type of cab model is optional

Engine parameters

engine model

Engine manufacturer

Displacement (ml)

Power (kw)

YC6J180-42 ISDe185 40

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

6494 6700

132 136

Emission Standards:

GB17691-2005 National IV, GB3847-2005

Fuel type:

Diesel oil

Other information

Dedicated function description:

1. The engine net power corresponds to: YC6J180-42 is 128kW, ISDe185 40 is 130.2kW;
2. Side protection: material Q235, connection method bolt connection. Rear lower protection: material Q235, connection method bolt connection, section size 120×60mm, height above the ground 450mm;
3. Optional cab model of the same form; 4. Install driving recorder with satellite positioning function.

  • DFS5160TSML desert off-road oil tanker chassis configuration: Chassis model DFS5160GLJ Drive type 6×6
  • Off-road performance: Dongfeng Cummins 185-horsepower diesel supercharged engine 12.5R20 steel wire radial cross-country pattern widened tires, military mechanical six-speed gearbox, new engine, full oil circuit, air intake automatic electric heating system, can be in -41 ℃ environment One-button start of the 250mm double-layer frame in the cab will double the carrying capacity of the 350L super-large fuel tank to meet the requirements of 1,300 kilometers without refueling. Three-seater single-sleeper, circular instrument panel cab rear winch, traction force 44100N (optional). Optional new Tianjin cab
  • Tank configuration: tank volume: 8-10 cubic meters, the tank can be made of high-quality carbon steel Q235 B, the thickness of the tank is 4mm, with a high-power gear oil pump, and optional metering devices such as fuel dispensers and flow meters.
    It is suitable for environments with poor road conditions in mining areas, mountains, forests, etc. It is the best vehicle for petroleum exploration, forest fire protection, field mining and power engineering.

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