Dongfeng 6×6 off-road fire sprinkler fire bowser

ExcerptEngine: Cummins 190
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Dongfeng 6x6 off-road  fire bowser

Dongfeng 6x6 off-road fire sprinkler

Dongfeng 6x6 off-road fire fighting truck

Dongfeng 6x6 off-road fire sprinkler truck

Dongfeng 6x6 off-road fire water truck

Dongfeng 6x6 off-road fire sprinkler fire bowser

Dongfeng 6x6 off-road fire sprinkler fire bowser

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Classic six-wheel drive fire sprinkler

Dongfeng national five emission, six-drive cross-country fire sprinkler, suitable for sprinkling and greening operations in mining areas and desert tourism, can also be used for forest fire protection, and also used for transportation of drinking water in poor road conditions such as deserts, mining areas, forests, and Gobi. .
Classic six-wheel drive (6*6) off-road sprinkler ,It is a special off-road vehicle integrating fire fighting and greening sprinklers.Dongfeng off-road vehicle adopts military off-road pattern tires, Cummins engine power, Dongfeng all-wheel drive system, good off-road passability, convenient operation, excellent performance, and product applicationIt is suitable for fighting general fires and is a standing fire vehicle for public security fire brigades and full-time enterprise fire brigades. It is also suitable for forest and landscaping, forest fire sprinkling, forest fire extinguishing, mine dust suppression, power plant fire fighting, desert water transportation, etc.
Top configuration: The vehicle is made in strict accordance with the size and appearance of the announcement,Effective volume of tank8.2 cubic meters, Three horizontal and two vertical partitions in the tank,The tank body is made of high-quality carbon steel Q235 steel plate, which is sprayed before and after. The rear working platform is equipped with a sprinkler and two 2m suction pipes with joints .

Basic configuration of 6-wheel drive off-road sprinkler :


●Equipped with the old EQ153 one-and-a-half cabs , the cab can hold 3 people, the front is equipped with anti-collision bumpers, the new circular instrument panel, electric glass, optional air conditioning, optional long warning lights, optional front Electric winches and other devices.


●Equipped with Cummins 190-horsepower national five- emission engine, six-cylinder, in-line, water-cooled, four-stroke, supercharged diesel engine.
●Military mechanical six-speed gearbox, six forward gears and one reverse gear. At the same time, the console has a front axle drive switch, which can freely switch the front wheel drive mode.
●The tires are 12.5R20 widened cross-country single tires, military large-pattern tires, special for cross-country.
●The axle is produced by Dongfeng Dana, the front axle is 4 tons , and the middle and rear axle is 4.5T*2 .
Equipped with 300L military large fuel tank, original ASB system, direction assistance ,


Classic wide off-road fire sprinkler
Vehicle name:sprinklerVehicle category:
Vehicle model:SCS5165GPSDFS5Anti-lock brake system:Have
Announcement batch:t2(292)Catalog number:(Seventeen) 97
engine model:ISB185-50Engine power:136
engine capacity:5900Engine manufacturer:Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Engine trademark:Fuel type:Diesel oil
Dimensions (length/width/height):7950×2480×3450Cargo compartment (length/width/height):××
Total mass (Kg):16050Number of springs:10/12
Curb weight (Kg):8040Rated quality (Kg):7880,7815
Rated passengers (person):Front passenger (person):2,3
Approach / departure angle:38/18Front suspension/rear suspension (mm):1250/1950
Wheelbase (mm):3500+1250Axle load:4020/6015/6015
Number of axes:3Maximum speed (km/h):95
Number of tires:6Tire specifications:12.5R20
Front track:1916Rear wheelbase:1876/1876
Release date:20170122product code:ZMA4J5CR02T
Chassis based on standards:GB17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005
LGHXGHMM××××××××× LGHXGGMM×××××××××
other:The vehicle is mainly used for watering and spraying in urban and rural landscaping; the main devices are water tanks and pumps. Effective volume of tank: 8.2 cubic meters, transportation medium: density 1000 kg/cubic meter. Overall dimensions of tank (long × long axis × short axis) (mm): 4000 × 2050 × 1300. Side protection material is Q235B, connection method It is a bolt connection. The rear protection is replaced by a special device, only the height of the ground is measured: 430, the color of the tank can be changed, the position of the text spraying can be changed, and local structural changes are allowed. The same type of cab model is optional. ABS manufacturer: East Koknorr Commercial Vehicle Brake System (Shiyan) Co., Ltd.; Model: 3631010-C2000.


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