Dongfeng Four-wheel drive off-road truck with XCMG crane

ExcerptEngine: Cummins 190 horsepower

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Dongfeng Euro Five 4WD truck-mounted crane truck

The Euro five-emission four-wheel drive truck-mounted crane can choose the new D913 cab or the old EQ153 cab. The crane can be a straight boom crane or a folding boom crane.

SCS5180JSQEQ Truck-mounted crane truck
Vehicle name:Truck-mounted crane truckVehicle model:SCS5180JSQEQ


t5(295)Catalog number:(Seventeen) 97
engine model:ISB170 50, ISB190 50Engine power:125,140
engine capacity:5900,5900Engine manufacturer:Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Anti-lock brake system:HaveFuel type:Diesel oil
Dimensions (L/W/H):8160,


Cargo compartment (length/width/height):4800×2350,


Total mass (Kg):18000Loading quality:1.02, 1.12
Curb weight (Kg):10600,9700Rated quality (Kg):7205,8105
Approach / departure angle:35/18
Front suspension/rear suspension (mm):1250/2410
Wheelbase (mm):4500,4700Axle load:6500/11500
Number of axes:2Maximum speed (km/h):90
Fuel consumption:28.5Number of springs:10/12
Number of tires:6Tire specifications:10.00R20,


Front track:1857Rear wheelbase:1860
Release date:20170502Product ID:ZMY7W5FS01D
The chassis is based on the standard:GB17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005
other:The curb weight 10600kg, 9700kg corresponds to the load weight 7205kg, 8105kg one-to-one. The cab is optional with the chassis, and the exterior color can be changed. The position of the optional hoist console is up/middle; hoist model/ hoist mass (kg)/maximum lifting load (kg) are: (kg): SQS200: 3470, 7200, SQZ200: 3470, 7200, SQS157 : 2570, 6300, SQZ132: 2570, 6300, both side protection and rear protection are connected by bolts, protection material: carbon steel/Q235B, the main size parameters of the rear protection device (width × height): 120×50 (mm), Ground clearance: 480 (mm). The ABS model is 3631010-C2000, and the manufacturer is East Kekenuoer Commercial Vehicle Braking System (Shiyan) Company. A driving recorder with satellite positioning function is installed. The engine model and fuel consumption value (L/100km) are: YC4E160-56/28.5, ISB170 50 /28.5, ISB190 50 /28.5. Only 10.00R20 18PR and 10.00-20 18PR tires are used.

Dongfeng four-wheel drive chassis adopts: Dongfeng (Dongfeng 153 old model cab) or new D913 imitation Tianjin cab, 4*4 drive, ISB190 50 national five engine, Dongfeng six-speed gearbox, 4500mm wheelbase, 10.00R20 tires, Dongfeng Commercial vehicle axle, front axle 3.8 tons, rear axle 10 tons, double-layer girder, with direction assist, air brake, electric glass, with ABS.

Top configuration : add XCMG 5 ton straight arm or folding arm crane, full hydraulic, 360 full rotation

Dongfeng four -wheel drive off-road truck mounted crane can giveSpecial off-road vehicles that provide assistance for construction or mining operations are ideal engineering vehicles for field operations, engineering construction, forest logging, and mining operations.

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