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National Sixth Dongfeng Changxing D1 Truck-mounted Crane

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China Sixth Dongfeng Special Bottom Line D1 Truck-mounted Crane

New D1 series cab,Standard original air conditioner,Central lock and multimedia LCD screen,Multifunction steering wheel,Driving recorder,Electric doors and windows,Channel flat floor,Second-level boarding pedal,Light adjustment,Shaanxi Fast 8-speed gearbox,280MM split type three-layer special frame,9.00R20 steel wire tire,200L fuel tank,This D1 truck-mounted crane is more for small corners in mountainous areas,Narrow road,Strong performance,Great lifting and load capacity.

Optional XCMG 6.3 ton crane,Full hydraulic,360Ton full rotation。

DFV5161JSQGP6D truck-mounted crane truck
[Technical parameters of the vehicle]
Product Trademark Dongfeng Announcement batch 334
product name Dongfeng DFV5161JSQGP6D truck-mounted crane truck
Total mass(kg) 16000 Tank volume(m3)
Rated mass(kg) 6120,6055,5150,5085 Dimensions(mm) 7995,8300,9000X2400,
Curb quality(kg) 9750,10720 Cargo compartment size(mm) 4800,5100,5800,6000,6100X2200,
Rated passenger(people) Total mass of semi-trailer(kg)
The number of passengers in the cab(people) 2,3 Maximum load of saddle(kg)
Approach / departure angle(°) 22/13 Front suspension/rear suspension(mm) 1300/2195,1300/2500,1300/2600
Axle load(kg) 5600/10400 Maximum speed(km/h) 89
Remarks: Remarks:Optional cab appearance with chassis,Optional cargo box structure and upper seat operation arrangement,The cab sun visor is optional;The special equipment of this vehicle is cargo box and crane,Used for cargo consignment and lifting operations;Straight boom crane model/maximum lifting load(kg)/Crane weight(kg)Respectively:SQS200/6300/3250;SQS157/6300/2280, vehicle length/wheelbase correspondence:9000/5100,8300/4500,7995/4500;Both side protection and rear protection materials are Q235, connection method:Side protection adopts welding connection,Rear protective bolt connection,The rear protective section size is 120×60mm,Ground clearance of rear protection(mm):460.Equipped with ABS,Model/manufacturer:3631010-C2000/East Koknorr Commercial Vehicle Braking System(Shiyan)Limited company,ABS-E 4S/4M/The production plant is WABCO Automotive Control System(China)Co., Ltd. The car is equipped with a driving recorder with satellite positioning function;Engine YCS04200-68 and YCS04180-68 correspond to fuel consumption values ​​of 23.1L/100km,Optional ETC
【Chassis technical parameters】
Chassis model DFV1161GP6DJ Chassis name Truck chassis
Trade name Dongfeng manufacturer Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Xinjiang Co., Ltd.
Number of axes 2 Number of tires 6
Wheelbase(mm) 4500,5100
Tire specifications 9.00R20 16PR
Number of leaf spring 8/10+8 Front track(mm) 1810,1900
Fuel type Diesel oil Rear track(mm) 1750,1800,1820
Emission standard GB17691-2018 National Ⅵ
engine model Engine manufacturer engine capacity Engine power
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Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.



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