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ExcerptEngine: Cummins 150 horsepower

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Dongfeng warrior EQ2050B long head van type hard top

Dongfeng Warrior, commonly known as the domestic Hummer, is an off-road truck produced by Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicle Co., Ltd. mainly for military purposes. Its appearance is similar to that of the Hummer in the United States, but it is better than Hummer in terms of performance. It is my country's third-generation high-mobility military vehicle, the first three-generation basic tactical platform, and the combination of the first system and equipment to form a combat system, creating an improvement in military vehicle combat missions.

Dongfeng Mengshi military vehicle is a military vehicle platform with high mobility, high adaptability, high safety and high reliability. It has all-weather and all-regional adaptability.
There are eight main models of long and short heads, single and double row soft and hard tops, slip-back soft and hard tops, van-type hard tops, and high hard tops. The tarpaulin and side windows of the single-row soft-top vehicle can be removed. The light and heavy machine guns can be installed after the front windshield is overturned. The soft and hard-top vehicle has a platform and pedals in the center, and the top can be equipped with a heavy machine and high machine grenade launcher. The weapon turntable has a missile launch platform in the rear box, forming a light and highly mobile wheeled combat system.

Model: EQ2050ER/EQ2050MR
Quality parameters: (KG)
Vehicle equipment quality: 3150 Vehicle loading quality: 1750 Maximum total weight: 4900
Maximum traction quality: 2000

Size parameters: (MM)
Total length: 5040 Total width: 2180 Total height: 1956 Wheelbase: 1820 Wheelbase: 3300

Minimum stable vehicle speed: (KM/H) 3.0 Wading depth (MM) 760 Maximum driving side slope 40%
Approach angle 47· Without winch 72· Departure angle 45· Longitudinal passage angle 33·
Minimum ground clearance 406MM, vertical obstacle height 450MM, trench width 700MM
Minimum turning radius 16.2M

0~80KM/H acceleration time 26S full load maximum speed 117KM/H
Maximum gradeability: less than or equal to 60%

Service brake gradient (%) 60 (with traction 40) Parking brake gradient (%) 40 (with traction 20)

Engine model: EQB150-20 Cummins Displacement 3.92L Bore·Stroke 120·120
Maximum power: 110KW/2700R/MIN Maximum torque 530NM/1200R/MINL

Isolator or hydraulic pitch changer: 330 Isolator gearbox: 5-speed manual
Transfer case: Four-wheel full drive drive axle: Disconnected tire 37★12.5R16.5
Suspension: Double Wishbone Independent Suspension Steering System:
Power Steering

Brake: Four-wheel disc type air supplement and deflation system
Frame: Box-type closed cross-section longitudinal beam trapezoidal frame structure

Body: aluminum alloy with airdrop device
Electrical appliances: 24V negative ground

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