Camion de fret tout-terrain à quatre roues motrices Dongfeng Duolika

Mars 27, 202102:31:56
  • Moteur: Chaochai 4102
  • Product Image of Dongfeng Duolika four-wheel drive off-road cargo truck

    Dongfeng 4x4 cargo truck

    Dongfeng 4x4 off-road cargo truck

    Product Details of Camion de fret tout-terrain à quatre roues motrices Dongfeng Duolika

    Dongfeng Chaochai 4102BZQ, vertical in-line, water-cooled, four-stroke, turbocharged diesel engine Emission standard: China III (Europe III), maximum power: 88kW (120 CV ) Displacement: 3856ml, (Cummins B140- is also optional 33,140 horsepower engine)
    Manual gearbox, Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox, 5 forward gears, one reverse gear,
    Dongfeng single-row light new instrument panel, retractable player, USB power interface. The utility room box, the steering wheel can be adjusted back and forth. Original air conditioner.
    2.5 ton drive front axle, 4.2 ton/6 ton drive rear axle (optional), 192MM single-layer girder, wheelbase 3300/3800 optional

    Dongfeng 4x4 truck

    Nom du véhiculeEQ1070GLModèle de châssisEQ1070GLJ
    Quality parameterRated loading weight (kg)3995Dimensions (mm)6995X2200X2500
    Whole vehicle

    curb weight (kg)

    4140Car size4800*2000*500
    Maximum total mass (kg)8330Empattement (mm)3800


    typeFour-cylinder, in-line, turbocharged water-cooled diesel engine
    Power/displacement (kw/ml)88/3856,


    ManufacturerDongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai Power Co., Ltd./Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
    Performance parameterVitesse maximum (km/h)80Driving angle (°)Approach angle27.7
    Departure angle15
    Suspension avant/suspension arrière (o)1055/1632 Drive form4*2
    GearboxWanliyang 5-speed gearbox,

    double lever remote control 5

    Steering gear descriptionPower steering
    Front axle descriptionDongfeng 2.5T front drive axle;Braking system descriptionDual-circuit air brake system, rear axle spring parking brake;
    Rear axle descriptionPress-welded axle housing,

    through-type Dongfeng 4.2T

    essieu arrière

    Clutch descriptionPull type, hydraulic control with pneumatic booster diameter φ325MM;
    Tire7.50R16 steel wire tire

    (including spare tire)

    air conditioningyes
    Frame descriptionStamping riveting structure, frame assembly outer width 800MM,

    frame section: 192*75*6;

    CabFlat-head all-metal enclosed, torsion bar flip mechanism, single row,

    adjustable driver’s seat,

    Dongfeng off-road cargo truck Dongfeng Duolika off-road cargo truck Camion de fret tout-terrain à quatre roues motrices Dongfeng Duolika

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