Dongfeng Four-wheel drive off-road truck with XCMG crane

March 29, 202106:42:07
  • Moteur: Cummins 190 puissance
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    Dongfeng truck with xcmg crane Dongfeng 4wd truck with xcmg crane

    Dongfeng tianjin kingrun awd truck

    Dongfeng awd truck with crane

    Dongfeng kingrun awd truck Dongfeng awd truck

    Product Details of Dongfeng Four-wheel drive off-road truck with XCMG crane

    Dongfeng Euro Five 4WD truck-mounted crane truck

    The Euro five-emission four-wheel drive truck-mounted crane can choose the new D913 cab or the old EQ153 cab. The crane can be a straight boom crane or a folding boom crane.

    SCS5180JSQEQ Truck-mounted crane truck
    Vehicle name:Truck-mounted crane truckVehicle model:SCS5180JSQEQ


    t5(295)Catalog number:(Seventeen) 97
    modèle de moteur:ISB170 50, ISB190 50Puissance du moteur:125,140
    capacité moteur:5900,5900Constructeur de moteurs:Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
    Anti-lock brake system:HaveType de carburant:Diesel
    Dimensions (L/W/H):8160,


    Cargo compartment (length/width/height):4800×2350,


    Masse totale (Kg):18000Loading quality:1.02, 1.12
    Poids à vide (Kg):10600,9700Rated quality (Kg):7205,8105
    Approach / departure angle:35/18
    Suspension avant/suspension arrière (mm):1250/2410
    Empattement (mm):4500,4700Charge de l'essieu:6500/11500
    Nombre d'axes:2Vitesse maximum (km/h):90
    Fuel consumption:28.5Number of springs:10/12
    Nombre de pneus:6Spécifications des pneus:10.00R20,


    Voie avant:1857Rear wheelbase:1860
    Release date:20170502Product ID:ZMY7W5FS01D
    The chassis is based on the standard:GB17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005
    other:The curb weight 10600kg, 9700kg corresponds to the load weight 7205kg, 8105kg one-to-one. The cab is optional with the chassis, and the exterior color can be changed. The position of the optional hoist console is up/middle; hoist model/ hoist mass (kg)/maximum lifting load (kg) are: (kg): SQS200: 3470, 7200, SQZ200: 3470, 7200, SQS157 : 2570, 6300, SQZ132: 2570, 6300, both side protection and rear protection are connected by bolts, protection material: carbon steel/Q235B, the main size parameters of the rear protection device (width × height): 120×50 (mm), Ground clearance: 480 (mm). The ABS model is 3631010-C2000, and the manufacturer is East Kekenuoer Commercial Vehicle Braking System (Shiyan) Company. Un enregistreur de conduite avec fonction de positionnement par satellite est installé. The engine model and fuel consumption value (L/100km) are: YC4E160-56/28.5, ISB170 50 /28.5, ISB190 50 /28.5. Only 10.00R20 18PR and 10.00-20 18PR tires are used.

    Dongfeng four-wheel drive chassis adopts: Dongfeng (Dongfeng 153 old model cab) or new D913 imitation Tianjin cab, 4*4 drive, ISB190 50 national five engine, Dongfeng six-speed gearbox, 4500mm wheelbase, 10.00Pneus R20, Dongfeng Commercial vehicle axle, front axle 3.8 tonnes, essieu arrière 10 tonnes, double-layer girder, with direction assist, frein pneumatique, verre électrique, with ABS.

    Top configuration : add XCMG 5 ton straight arm or folding arm crane, full hydraulic, 360 full rotation

    Dongfeng four -wheel drive off-road truck mounted crane can giveSpecial off-road vehicles that provide assistance for construction or mining operations are ideal engineering vehicles for field operations, engineering construction, forest logging, and mining operations.

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