Euro Five Dongfeng Four-wheel Drive Sprinkler

Avril 2, 202103:20:00
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    Dongfeng Four-wheel Drive Sprinkler

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    Dongfeng 4wd Sprinkler

    The off-road sprinkler is suitable for sprinkling and greening operations in mining areas and desert tourism. It can also be used for forest fire fighting and extinguishing. At the same time, it is used for transportation of drinking water in poor road conditions such as deserts, mining areas, forests, and Gobi.

    Dongfeng 4wd water truck
    The 4x4 fire sprinkler is equipped with a Dongfeng classic 153 driving body, three-seater, one-bedroom, one-and-a-half models, built-in electric glass, heating and air conditioning, optional roof lights and front winches and other devices

    It can be converted into an ordinary off-road sprinkler, and it can also be equipped with a fire pump and fire blisters for fire fighting operations.

    Dongfeng 4wd water Sprinkler

    Le châssis à quatre roues motrices de Dongfeng adopte:Dongfeng (Dongfeng 153 ancien modèle de cabine) ancien modèle de cabine, 4*4 conduire, ISB190 50 country five engine, Boîte de vitesses Dongfeng à six rapports, 4500mm empattement, 10.00Pneus R20, Dongfeng commercial vehicle axle, essieu avant 3.8 tonnes, rear The bridge is 10 tonnes, poutre à double couche, avec aide à la direction, frein pneumatique, verre électrique, avec ABS.

    Dongfeng 4wd water bowser

    The tank body of the whole vehicle is automatically welded by high-quality carbon steel Q235. The thickness of the tank body is 4mm. It has a fire-fighting interface, which can take water from the city fire hydrant; it has a gravity valve, which can drain naturally or use a water pump for accelerated drainage. The effective volume of the tank is 11.1 square meters. The tank has three horizontal and two vertical partitions. It is equipped with a high-power special water pump for sprinklers. It is sprayed before and after, with fire-fighting joints, self-retaining ports, and optional showers. There is a platform at the tail, and a high-pressure water cannon is installed on the platform, which can be adjusted.

    Dongfeng 4x4 water vehicle

    A high-pressure fire pump is also optional, equipped with a fire monitor with an effective range of ≥65m/1.0MPa, and the rear pump room is equipped with three aluminum light fire-proof rolling shutter doors.
    There are pressure water injection ports on both sides of the tank body and the car body, which can guarantee the water supply in time and effectively.
    The rear of the car is equipped with a simple equipment compartment, which can hold a small amount of fire fighting equipment.

    Dongfeng 4wd water truck

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